A Place Where Businesses Can Review Bad Customers

The Reverse Yelp

They say the customer is always right don't they? But let's be honest this is a little outdated from uncooperative clients who simply won't pay their bill on time, to bridezillas who just aren't happy with anything to just general nightmare customers.

Of course it's a two way street but while customers have sites like Yelp to review a bad business or merchant, the business or merchants can't really provide their own review of their customers. Until now anyway!

Angry Merchants effectively turns the tables on customers so merchants and businesses are now on equal ground with their customers. This way if a problem customer skips out on their bill you make sure any other business they might want to work with in the future will know about them by reviewing them through Angry Merchant.

This way you can stop anyone else going through the same frustrating experience you did. Plus it might also make problem customers be a little more reasonable when they know you have the ability to potentially ensure other businesses or merchants won't want to work with them.

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Why You Need To Use Angry Merchants

You could provide the best service possible but just have a client who as unreasonable demands or who simply doesn't like you. It sounds unlikely but many contractors and merchants whether self-employed or not will tell that they can try everything to keep some customers happy but to no avail.

These kinds of customers can really harm your morale not to mention be a serious drain on your resources and time. Especially if they then leave an unfair and inaccurate review on a site like Yelp, but with Angry Merchants you can now do the same if you need to. By levelling the playing field customers and merchants can work closer together and build a stronger relationship.

Merchants and businesses can also use Angry Merchants to run checks on potential customers before working with them, this way you can avoid any difficult clients and have better idea of who you're working with. So join Angry Merchants today like Maui Weddings to create a fairer more balanced merchant to client relationship and ensure you always know exactly who you're working with.